Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

... | Accountancy Shanty

Ein wichtiger Artikel. Der sollte übersetzt werden. Wird er auch. Nur etwas Geduld.
(Do you know it? It's Monty Python.)

This week is my account-action week. The founding and construction and organizing of my business costs quite some money, although I'm very modest and economical. But the costs are higher than what I'm taking in at the moment because the company is still very new. Contracts for performances of my artists are fixed well in advance. But office equipment, advertising etc. must be funded now.

My account has been indebted over a year and I am very worried about that.
I've been having no imagination about the concrete numbers, I only figured out that there has to be done something. Now I will tackle it. By the end of the year I wanna have paid off the first half of the debt and by the end of March 2011 there'll be a plus on the account at the end (!) of each month. I therefore need an urgent
Account rescue plan:
(completed points will be crossed out)

Inventory:- Quantify the existing debt- Estimate expenditure and plans for the next months- Figure out the expected revenue

- Consume my stocks of food etc.
- Terminate contracts/insurance/... largely- Reconsider and cross out some more expensive projects for the next months- Bike and walk instead of public transport (the bicycle must be repaired

Generate income- Sell stuff on ebay etc.- Regular monthly blood and plasma donations (3 times a month = 45 - 50 €)- Finding a part-time job that harmonizes with my actual business

Sonntag, 19. September 2010

... | She's gone

Last night my brave little Arielle died. She was 2 1/2 years old.

After her I most certainly won't have a hamster again. I had four of them over the years - and three budgies - but I guess being kept in a cage is not the way a hamster should live - even though she had a comfy luxury wooden hamster villa.

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

... | Getting in order again

Ich fürchte, ich hab die deutsche Übersetzung verbummelt ...
Yesterday I was quite exhausted again. The night before I had slept restlessly and awakened early in the dim rainy morning. (I promptly felt like over 2 years ago when I reluctantly had to get up much too early each morning and had to go to an unloved work. How happy I am today!) Yesterday again I cared for my 13-months young niece. This time we could not go for a walk because it was raining too hard. She played peacefully and later slept for an hour. Meanwhile I read something about the female cycle and how it affects the energy levels. Very informative. In all short:
Beginning of menstruation until ovulation: enthusiasm, plans, projectsOvulation: most beautiful looks, high of creativityOvulation to the start of the new menstruation: reflection, evaluation, introspection, deeper feelings
Highly interesting! I will pay more attention to this in the future and learn to know and appreciate my female tides.
The afternoon we all were wasting away on the couch with a radio play.
In the evening I forgot about an appointment and so I suddenly had a free evening. It came in handy, because I had a lot of work worrying me. With a new priority list I found out my current three MITs and had them done in 2.5 hours: focused, concentrated. Then I was off to bed, really early.
Today I have done a lot, too - in seven hours:
- bought the missing stamps and - finally - sent out the very last Christmas parcels- sent out flyers and a demo CD- made three crisis telephone calls - tomorrow I will continue with that- made some more phone calls- completed a concert contract, signed it and packaged it for sending- improved the website (home page and contact page)- ordered exhibition accessories (holders for flyers and demos)
Later I prepared a sizzling big
vegan vegetable and potato pan. I had quite forgotten that there are other ways of preparing veggis than as vapors. Until I smelled delicious fried potatoes yesterday :)

The MIT list works very well.
Slowly I'm defeating the mountain of problems. Good to see on the list everything that is pending and that I need not to do everything today but in the next few days.

Samstag, 11. September 2010

[Fotos] Mini-Urlaub an der Elbe (Teil 1)

Elbe Dresden Johannstadt Sandra Hylla ganzichselbst Freuberufler
Heute habe ich meinen Lieblingserholungsplatz an der Elbe entdeckt. Und das Beste ist: Er ist grad mal 10 Minuten entfernt! Ein kleiner ruhiger "Sandstrand" mit direktem Zugang zum Wasser.

Ich habe Schiffe gezählt (und da kamen viele, und sie machten Wellen - die hab ich sogar mit einem kleinen Videoclip mit nach Hause genommen). Auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite spielten Leute Trommel und Schellen. Enten scharten sich nebenan, Hunde besuchten mich, die Sonne schien, aber nicht mehr so unerträglich heiß wie einige Wochen zuvor. Urlaub!

Am Ende habe ich meine Flipflops mit Elbewasser getauft. Jetzt habe ich den Fluss immer bei mir.

Teilen? Wanna share?

The radiant goddess that is *me*

Wieder ein Beitrag, den ich ursprünglich im Goddess Circle-Blog verfasst hatte, daher ist er auch wieder in Englisch.

Although I do not feel ready for attending any of the scheduled courses in here yet I love the idea of telling my personal radiant goddess story as in the Radiant Goddess Cirlce. So I'll tell my story here.

Myrecords begin only at the age of 21 but I know I had felt attracted to esoteric topics and books on astrology and witchcraft, on dream interpretation, herbs, talismans and the influence of the moon on our lives, about gemstones and essential oils even as a teenager. Two books from that period and their techniques I still use today: "Moon Rays" by Uta York (I don't know if there is an English translation of that book) and "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain (I just found her on Facebook - awsome!).

Probably I was always a goddess.
Inany case, I seem to have been a very sensitive child, for even with
about 6 years I decided to not eat animals anymore.
It was when a pig was slaughtered right in front of our kitchen window that brought me enlightenment.

With about 16 I had a pen pal who told me about the "Fit for Life" books by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.
Thus began my time as a real Ovo-lacto vegetarian. To this day I not even once relapsed. The thought of biting into meat just disgusts me.

I healed myself as a child once.
I had something growing on my eye that would not go away by itself, as the doctors said. It would have to be operated. I never went under the knife. The thing simply disappeared.

Studying was not easy for me.
Iachieved very poor results in my exams, which for me was quite
extraordinary, because at school I had been a good student.
That this field simply is not mine and that I should look for alternatives never came to my mind - I was very obedient and the job promised security. I remember some crisis from the studies, still preserved through "treasure maps" and talismans in my notes.

I studied four years and then worked eight years in this job, and it always went down only.
I was bullied, constantly monitored and eventually shortly before my 31st birthday I decided that I need to focus my career again. Since I had planned a trip to India
for half a year later, I gave myself reflection time up to this trip.

About1 year before that due to stress and lack of movement my body weight was on a terrifying high. So I made my long-cherished intention come true and started being a vegan for about 1 year.
Ultimately dairy products crept back into my nutrition every now and then, especially when I ate out of house. Today I still tend to the vegan diet as the only logical step if you want to avoid animal and human suffering. But I know that you never really know all the background of the production and composition of a food or product, therefore one simply can always do their best.

With thisenormous personal learning and development I discovered the German-language internet portal with the name of Utopia, which deals with environmentally correct way of life.
I learned a lot (ugly things) about the relationship of our prodigal action here in the Western countries with the misery in the rest of the world, about saving of electricity, about vegan food etc. At home I now renounce largely on animal ingredients in foods, cosmetics and clothing, also on plastic packaging and plastic subjects. In general, I have limited my consumption of products and of negative media. I have no TV and I pay attention to waste reduction and separation. I buy organic food and fair-trade products. But I live in a shared apartment and my roommates can not impose my way of life. I asked them for the use of recycled toilet paper and screwed in energy saving light bulbs. I can not ask more of them.

Once I hadcleared the way for a career change the solution came to me in the form of a flyer on the training for yoga teachers my sister gave to me.
(She had went through a similar odyssey and was on her way to becoming a healer already.)

- Radiant -
So afteran attested burn-out with depression I gave up my job at last and moved to a new city, in the vicinity of my closest family. What I now experienced was simply incomprehensible. Sometimes I still can not believe it!

I realized only now how much I had charged the grief all these years actually.
At times I had only functioned on autopilot, of some events I lack every memory, and apparently I often didn not feel any emotion anymore. Now energy and feelings came back with a vengeance. For months I literally was vibrating with happiness. I had persistent tachycardia out of sheer joy. Here in Dresden, all people are so nice to me! I filled my new room only with these objects I really loved and needed. The materials are all natural and organic. Istarted singing in a choir again, and after one of the first rehearsals I felt the overwhelming urge to run (something I hadn't done since my childhood) because I was just bubbling over with the joy about my freedom. And professionally everything was by itself, too. I saw incredible things. For example, I suddenly found the way to realizing my real dream job. I had searched it for over 10 years. (More on my career change here.) Now I met so many fascinating and inspiring people. Even a genuine saint was amongst them! When I had made the decision to change, a wise woman told me: "The universe will send you a gift." She had been so right! A vast incomprehensible beautiful gift!

First, I still had the constant fear that I would wake up one day and sat back in my old life.
After several months this fear disappeared at last. My life is now incomprehensibly great. To this day I have not regretted for a second to have abandoned the old job and moved here. I'm totally free now. Finally, I owe my sister - my mentor.

How literally radiant I'm looking now I only recently noticed in photos.
Finally I'm believing it myself ;)

- Goddess -
Thatevery woman is a goddess, I only learned this summer when I found Leonie pages while
reading various blogs on entrepreneurs. Since the founding of my company just over a year ago I've mostly seen myself as a
business woman and neglected my other private interests fairly.
Now I especially enjoy that Leonie and the other goddesses here link their personal touch and feelings and interests together with their professional life. At last I have become one: No more separation between the personal and the business me.

Now I surround myself only with beautiful things.
Plastic will be replaced by clear glass, my wardrobe gets some color, I banish everything sad, oppressive. My company website is cheerfully orange-yellow, my company logo is hippie, even though some people say that's not very professional. It's me, it reflects me.

I'mgrowing out of myself, my self-confidence grows, I am proud of myself, because I dare new things, often only small things, for me but of very important significance.
I make my own decisions, I enjoy singing in concerts with my choir, I decide what to do with my time freely, I only want to do what I love to, I'm close with my nieces and my sister, I have two crazy close friends, I drive a car again, I wear short skirts again, I dye my hair the way I like it. I'm giving blood ... I'm coming back to myself.